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a working girl can't win

Drama: lets set it aside.

Today did not go according to plan whatsoever. We forgot (pretended to forget) we had a meeting at school, so apy and I had coffee and cake and watched pimp my ride this morning. Ha. Then, work was pretty okay, it went by with few flaws and minimal annoyances. School was...canceled. Of course, I was stuck in traffic on my way to school when my mom called to tell me this, so, yeah that was fun. Actually, I was glad to get out of the house for a bit.

I should really have accomplished a lot more with the extra time I had, but I pretty much avoided accomplishment of any kind.

My to do list for tomorrow is unrealistic, but ambitious. Just a few things I've got to do:

*clean and vacuum car
*wash car
*check oil
*pay bills
*buy Mikey's B-day present
*buy parent's overdue anniversary present
*accidently bump into a certain boy
*reading for geology
*reading for psychology
*studying for anthropology
*clean room
*pay fine at the library so the collection agency does not come take me away
*work all day

There's like 8... 9... 11... 14 things to do. Hmmm, my goal is to do at least 4 of these things. I can be hopeful.
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