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if man is five then the devil is six.

I am so ready to go! I'm even excited to pack my suitcase, I'm thinking of the plane ride and the airport and the ferry and the rain and I just wish it was tomorrow. Who knew that a place I dreaded as a child would mean so much to me now. Anyway, six more weeks.

There is, however, so much to do before I go. School is such a mess right now. Last night geology was delayed by all sorts of strange questions. One kid slowed the whole class down 20 minutes because he was so confused. The thing is, some people just don't believe the world is 4.6 billion years old and they think they can prove it by asking the teacher trick questions. Hi, no. If you believe the world is between 5-10 thousand years old you better start studying because you can not prove that with our text book or with the bible. Meanwhile, I have a lot of studying to do.
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