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red bull on empty stomach =

unhappy tummy. Although, I do think it is more effective when you don't eat much. I am so sleepy lately. I got up at 11 but I still feel exhausted. I'm glad tonight is my last class, after that it is all about anthro... and maybe food/coffee.

I went to RiteAid on my lunch break, I don't know what is so compelling about the drugstore. I just really feel the need to look at everything there. Meanwhile, I spent 25$ on random almost-neccessities. I got a spinny toothbrush which seems very fun and green eye shadow and eyeliner, apy inspired perhaps.

Everyone at the office is in a meeting so it's all me right now, it's nice to be left alone, I can do stuff like this that I'm not supposed to. Anyway, I'm a shorttimer. Is that one word? Is it hyphenated?

Oh, apy, your icon is on my desktop, I'll send it later. =) I can't wait for everyone (casey) to see it.
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