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crying on my lunch break...

some days don't go as planned, sometimes days seem like years.

despite the house sitting and the excess of good shows and time spent with one of my favorite people, i feel like my life is getting harder.

i can't seem to find a way out of my present distressing circumstances. my family seems to have turned on me as a whole. my money/moving out situation is ironic. If I stay at home this summer I will have 3 months without my parents and a lot of time with my friends. If I go to Alaska I will have to spend the summer in close quarters with my parents, not see my friends, but will probably be able to move out when I get home. where do i go, what do i do?

i feel so hurt by so many people right now. people that are supposed to love me, my sisters, my parents, one of my closest friends. i feel like giving up, but i don't know how.
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